Bespoke Home Staging


Staging Your Home

Our expert design team specializes in bespoke staging of luxury and historic homes with special attributes that require upscale interiors to match the look and feel of the home. We supply and design staging for fine homes with furniture, art and decorative accents that match and enhance the value of the home. 

We also work with a home owners' existing items and will edit, style and decorate a home with a few updated pieces to re-fresh and appeal to the contemporary home buyer. We are experts at staging using your existing items.

Why Stage with Us?

Our staging will help sell your home faster. We can also assist with any furnishings you are not moving to your next location. We edit, advise, appraise and assist with your existing furnishings that may be appropriate for resale, consignment, auction, or an estate sale. Our network of services gives you one company to handle your furnishings from staging through the final move. Visit our link in Consignment for more information. 

The Process

Our experienced team will create a timeline and edit, advise, appraise and assist with any items appropriate for resale, consignment, auction, or an estate sale. Next, we identify existing pieces for staging, create floor plans, choose appropriate art, accessories, rugs, lamps from the owner's collection and supplement as needed to create a refreshed, updated space suitable for a fast home sale.

Our program is fast, flexible, and can be adjusted to suit your particular needs and situation.
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