Home to Home: Downsizing Design Service

Take the stress out of downsizing with our Downsizing Design Service

Our expertise in buying and selling furniture, art and home decor combined with our background in interior design, gives us the unique ability to help you transition to a smaller home quickly, easily and with style. 
We help you manage the move of your furnishings from one home to the next, so that you keep what you love and find the best source for the rest. We decorate your new home with your existing items to create a space you will love as soon as you move in. Our services include:
  • Assess and Plan the Move of your Furniture, Decor and Art;
  • Design Floor Plans and Visual Boards for the New Home, incorporating Existing Furnishings, Decor and Art;
  • Choose Paint Colors, Wall Treatments, New Furniture, Art and Decor for the New Home;
  • Decorate the New Home with Existing and New Furnishings, Decor and Art;
  • Assist in Consignment, Estate Sale, or Donation of Existing Furnishings, Decor and Art Appraise Furnishings, Decor and Art; 
  • Provide appraisal services for high value items. 
Contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation at 314-962-7666