Estate Sales & More-sample page for sale gallery

Hi Suzanne :)

So you could list out your Estate sale items this way. Assuming you won't have more than 5-10 items. If we are talking about much more than that I think we will need to rethink this solution.

  1. "ADD MEDIA"
  2. Create Gallery

  3. Choose product photos for the items
  4. hit the button on the bottom right, CREATE GALLERY
  5. create the captions and add a BUY NOW link inside, copy and paste this --> <a href="">Buy Now</a> (you could replace "buy now" with "see details", go to each product page and copy the address from the URL bar)  make sure you change LINK TO to NONE[/caption]


    6. choose how many columns, I suggest 4, but based on how many you are putting in the gallery--probably not more than 4 columns though as that will get crowded on smaller screens