Brentwood Boulevard

Re-Styling a St. Louis Atelier 

The owners in this project moved from a large Clayton home to a much smaller high-rise condominium. They had rooms of family heirlooms, vintage finds, art and collectibles that were impossible to fit into their new space. We were asked to help them edit their existing pieces and re-create an entirely new look that took advantage of the high-rise light and view.

After we identified the most treasured items, we advised on paint color and minor updates to the kitchen. We then created a floor plan and layout using the pre-selected furniture and art from the Clayton home. When the movers arrived, we assisted with placement of the furniture and incorporated previously identified decor, lamps, art and carpets to complete the sunny Parisian look.  

It was a joy to see the owners' loved and treasured pieces re-used in a fresh way in a brand new space. Trés Magnifique!