Three Reasons to Shop Resale and Consignment Stores

Posted by The Refind Room on

Resale shopping is hot! According to America's Research Group, up to 18% of all shoppers buy from resale or consignment shops - almost as many who shop at department stores or factory outlets. If you haven't shopped a resale store recently or just need a reminder to stop's our top three reasons why you should.
1) Upscale, designer furniture at affordable prices
Modern resale stores are not thrift stores or flea markets. Many consignment stores sell modern high-quality, custom furniture for a fraction of the original retail price. Designer furniture will be priced anywhere from 50-80% below its retail price, which is a huge savings. Some furniture isn't even available to you - your interior designer must purchase it for you. So if you like the best, but love to save money - you must shop in an upscale resale store.
2) Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces
When you shop at a typical furniture store or home decor center, you can only buy the season's current styles, colors and trends. You cannot find the style and colors you may really love. It's impossible to find unique items at large national furniture stores or on-line retailers. When you shop at a consignment store carrying vintage, eclectic, and custom pieces, you can find a special statement piece that fully expresses your decorating personality. 
3) Green and sustainable shopping
Shopping for previously owned home furnishings is environmentally friendly for obvious reasons - using what is already in the stream of commerce instead of having factories make more. Plus, you are saving all the plastics, styrofoam and packaging involved in shipping. Even if you are not a regular resale shopper, there are some items that you should always feel comfortable purchasing resale - dinnerware, glassware, art, crystal, home decor. You'll feel great knowing that you're shopping green.
There is always a place for new in your decorating, but previously loved items are just as important to a stylish home!