Tips to Mix Vintage and Modern Furniture

Posted by Suzanne Woodard on

Mixing vintage, antique or pre-owned furniture or decor with new items is easy and definitely on-trend! Vintage items are a great way to show your individual style and showcase pieces that are unique, sentimental or just too good to put away. On the other hand, there are times you may need to order something new. Here are tips to get a beautiful eclectic mix using both of these types of furnishings.

1.  Color:  Pick a color palette and stay within those colors. Let's say you a choose blue and white scheme. Your antique white porcelain will mix nicely with modern white ceramic vase. Likewise, a modern blue sofa and vintage white chairs will coordinate well. Then, add brand new pillows with a contemporary design that pulls it all together.

2. Scale:  Pay attention to the scale of your pieces. A petite antique chair will look awkward next to an oversized modern sofa. But if the pieces are of the same scale and play within your color palette, they should look fantastic together. Use this tip to mix your accent tables, lamps and accessories, too. 

3. Edit:  Using different styles is exciting and fun, however, you will need to edit your pieces more carefully. Since your senses will be delighted at the mix of styles, you don't need to add interest with "more." Using less furniture and decor will allow each piece to stand on its own.

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