How to Shop Safe During COVID-19

Posted by The Refind Room on

As a bricks and mortar retail store, our goal during COVID-19 is to create a safe environment for you to shop. We want you to have fun when you shop with us - no anxiety or worry about your health when you step into our store. So we are implementing extra precautions to give you an outstanding shopping experience.

St. Louis City and County have published the following rules for retailers when re-opening:

Frequent disinfecting of all high-touch areas

 Reasonable breaks for employees to wash hands

 Employees practice social distancing guidelines

 Employees wear masks

Display markings for customers to be able to follow social distancing guidelines

Daily screenings of all employees for risk of COVID-19 infections

Allow any employee who tests positive to go into isolation process until they recover

Allow any employee who came in contact with a COVID-19 positive person to be quarantined

Businesses limited to 25% occupancy of buildings, based on building and fire code

Physical barriers installed where 6-feet social distancing isn't possible 

No outside containers brought in by customers

Touch-less payment, delivery and pickup should be used whenever possible


In addition to the St. Louis County guidelines, we will be implementing additional safeguards to keep you healthy when you visit our store:

  • Shopping by appointment so that you can shop when you want without waiting and to avoid crowds;
  • A totally reorganized store that allows for easy shopping in an uncrowded environment;
  • Virtual shopping and complimentary design consults, so that you can shop and decorate from comfort of your own home;
  • Improved e-commerce website so that you can review our inventory before and after you shop.

We can’t wait to see you again. We are hoping these extra touches will make your visit to our store even more enjoyable and give you the outstanding service you deserve!