How to Choose Art for Your Room

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Choosing the right art for your room is easy if you use these tips. First, cover at least two-thirds or three-fourths of your wall. Large art makes so much more of an impact. Choose one or more large pieces that cover much of the space above your furniture. (See the photos below.)

Large heron art piecesMultiple large pieces of art

Second, use similar color tones. If you have more than one piece of art in the room, use the same color palette. Use brights with brights, pastels with pastels, moody with moody. It's not the subject matter or even the frame that's important to a cohesive look, it's the color of the art. Each of the rooms below show cohesive colors, even though the subject matter and frames are different.

Bright art coordinates with succulent artMuted earth tones in art

If you use these tips and when buying art that you love, you will have a wonderful art collection that you can display with confidence.