Tips for Using Color

If you are wary of color and unsure whether you will do it “right” – here are some tips that I hope will help you embrace a colorful palatte.

1. Look to Mother Nature: She combines all shades of green, with all shades of brown, sometimes orange, red, and blue. She doesn’t make mistakes and it looks beautiful. If you see colors in nature that work, they will also work for you.

2. There are no ugly colors: It all in how you use them. Just because a color isn’t in vogue, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Pops of your favorite color can be added in smaller doses to add a bit of fun and personality. Combine red with a dark gray or greens with neutrals. If you are unsure how to combine color, look at photos of interiors you love and mimic the color scheme.

3. Color can be serene: Sometimes we avoid color because we want a calm, uncomplicated look. But grays and browns are not the only options. Using color in a monochromatic palate evokes the same feel – think greens, blues, purples, and soft colors. Using just one color with a neutral can be very understated and calm. room-white sofa w: green

4. There are no rules: There are very few color combinations that do not work. Today’s eclectic interiors allow us to mix and match with more freedom than ever before. If you are unsure, pay attention to the vibrancy factor – generally pastels and brights don’t mix. But get two vibrant colors together or two soft colors and they will.

Have fun!