Guest Room Makeover Part 2: Use What You Have!

Ready to decorate?!?! We are so excited to move furniture in this space. We firmly believe in using what you have and then adding a few unique pieces. We also don’t want to turn this into a HUGE project. Who has the time, right? In our re-do, we already had an ebony wood bed frame. Although it’s really big for the room, we suspect guests prefer a queen bed over a teeny bed. So we used it. Any style bed will work in this blank slate. It’s the rest of the details that really matter.

The next piece we chose was the rug. Handknotted vintage rugs are always in style and add color, depth and class to a room. We re-used the one that was in this room before –  gorgeous color! We’ll use the colors in the rug to accent the rest of the room.

With such a colorful rug, we decided to use a neutral, calming quilt for the bed. We already had several in storage and the textured neutral was just the right amount of neutral.

In this small bedroom, we can’t fit much more furniture. However, guests need a place to lay their things and we need a place to put this super hot Widdicomb dresser! In it goes. Win-win.

Here’s our summary for this part of the project:

  • It’s a guest room, so guest comfort is most important! (Ergo, the large bed in the small space.)
  • It’s a small room, so a colorful rug + colorful bedding would just be too much. Just use one.
  • You don’t have to be hung up on the style of the bed. The art, accessories and styling will make the room interesting and fun.
  • Finally…re-use furniture from other areas of the house. This doesn’t have to be an enormous project. P.S. our only cost so far was the can of paint!

In our next blog, we’ll show you how to use art to really bring character and interest to the room. In the meantime…Happy decorating, friends!