Guest Room Makeover: Choosing Wall Color

We are always decorating. When we are not re-designing the store, we are re-decorating our home. So we decided to share this re-do and design tips with you.

Here we are: The first photo shows the room we had used as an office. We haven’t painted it since we moved in. You can see its snazzy 1990’s yellow/gold hue in all its faded luster. Shawn doesn’t look happy about it. At all.

When choosing the right paint color we looked for a color that coordinated with the rest of our house, which is light grays, blues, and creamy white. Since the house faces north and south, we don’t get a lot of light. Plus, there is only one window in this room.

We chose Skater’s Pond by Glidden for it’s clean, bright gray with undertones of blue. This color brings a clean, bright but calm feel to the bedroom.

Here are some tips we used when choosing this color…

  • Pay attention to the undertone of  the color. A green undertone really does look greenish on your walls, brown undertones really do look muddy brown, and so on. Because the room is dark and small, we wanted a bright color and the blue undertone in this color did it.
  • Get the color you want in the paint you like. We chose a Glidden color (Skater’s Pond) but had it color-matched in Behr Ultra paint.
  • We love Behr Ultra! After years of Benjamin Moore, we’ve converted…Behr Ultra covers better and paints on smoother. And you can find it just down the street at Home Depot. It was $32.00/gallon and one coat did it!

Look for our next post, where we start choosing and arranging the furniture. We can’t WAIT to get started!