What is “vintage”?

The days of the quintessential “used” furniture store showcasing sagging floral couches, musty old family photos, and crystal lamps are firmly part of our past. If you haven’t visited a modern store packed with previously owned goodies, you’re missing out on a design bonanza.blog-art deco room

For the most part, these stores (such as The Refind Room), do not carry “antiques,” which are typically defined as furniture at least 100 years old. And to the extent there are “vintage” items, it certainly doesn’t mean lace curtains and tea sets. Vintage can be anything from 90-20 years ago.

Fine, some may think, it is still old, dated, stale…Ah, not so fast! Art deco was a popular style from 1920 through 1940 and is streamlined, sleek, and utterly beautiful. The photo to the left was taken in the 1930’s and features art deco style. The photos on the right are not from a Restoration Hardware catalog, but are all designs from the 1930’s and 40’s. blog-art deco chairs

Modernism was another trend in the 1930’s & 40’s that produced classic beauties, such as the Wassily and Barcelona chairs – eminently popular today.blog- wassily chair Scandinavian design, the butterfly chair, and the popular iconic stacking chair were all designed in the 1920-30’s. Ironically, these are styles we think of as contemporary and modern. blog- stackable chairs

blog- barcelona chairToday’s previously owned stores do not limit your choices to styles that are “popular” today – you have a much greater selection from which to chose. Crazy enough, you may just find the original version of the latest Pottery Barn offering. And that is pretty darn cool.