Update Your Decor the Easy Way!

Looking for a fresh look? No need to start all over! You can update much of what you have.

Issue: You think your sofa/chairs look dated. blog1-update microsuede tan

Suggestion: Start with new pillows and throws with modern colors, like earth tones, grays, oranges, purples in geometric patterns. These will distract from the form of the sofa. Or get a more contemporary coffee table, end tables or lamps. It’s easy and will help your whole room look hip.blog2-update leather

Issue: Your dining room hasn’t been updated in over 15 years and you are tired of it.

Suggestion: If you bought a matching table and chairs years ago – it’s time to mix it up. 1) Buy two upholstered chairs for either end of your table, or; 2) Remove all chairs and buy a more contemporary style, or; 3) Paint your chairs black, gray, or a bright color, or; 4) Buy mismatched chairs at your local resale store. (If you mismatch- make sure the chairs are similar in size and the colors compliment each other.)blog5-update mismatched woodblog3-mismatched

If you must start all over, keep some of those special items that make a house a home. Retro lamp becomes retro cool in a new setting. And country doesn’t have to be kitsch…keep those rooster plates! I swear, you will thank me years later. Most of all, and always, make it fun and be yourself!blog4-update lamp