The Shopkeeper

Suzanne Woodard

Hi! My name is Suzanne and I opened The Refind Room in October 2012.  I opened the store after years of angst, trying to determine my “second career.” (Not sure why I put that term in quotes, since it’s entirely, literally, accurate.) I was a lawyer for quite awhile, since Pearl Jam was the hottest band around, but I was no longer enamored by my day to day.  Believe me, the flying leap out of the nest wasn’t easy or quick – it took years and I veered off the path many times.

What finally made me take the leap was that The Refind Room concept combined so much of what I loved and believed in.  I always had a passion for interior design and decor and I believe that our surroundings influence our state of mind and well-being.  Of course I thought it would be amazingly fun to find new, exciting products and bring them to St. Louis. Yet I also wanted to sell affordable items and had serious reservations about sourcing overseas.

Bam! Light bulb moment. There are so many gorgeous previously owned items to be found locally.  So I looked, and I found, many many stunning pieces that still have tons of life in them, that will make a home comfortable and beautiful, and are unique and inspiring. As a result, The Refind Room was born.

I sincerely hope that you find as much joy visiting the store and finding many treasures there, as I have found in my “second career.”