The Beauty of Green

console-century asianThere are a lot of great reasons to buy previously loved furniture and home decor – style, quality, price, to name a few. But you should also be proud that by buying previously owned, you are also helping our beautiful, gorgeous earth.

Overly dramatic? I think not. chair-rattan vintage

According to the EPA, furniture accounts for over 9 milion tons of waste in our landfill every year. There has been a six fold increase since 1960. The increase is likely due to the increase in “disposable” furniture – pieces made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard that is only expected to last about 2-5 years, not generations, like that manufactured before 1960.

Not only are we cluttering our landfills with discarded furniture, but much of the modern furniture is off-gassing from formaldehyde used in MDF and particleboard. dining table-davis

So congratulations and thank you. Every time you buy previously owned and every time you sell what you no longer need to someone else, you take one less item out of that enormous girth of a landfill. Just imagine if even half of America did what you do…so pass on the word! Let’s start a furniture revolution and a greener place to call home.