Sofa Swap

We thought it would be fun to show you three ways we used the same sofa. This totally retro sofa was quite a find, but also a little of a design challenge considering what else we had available.

The photo below was our first attempt to integrate the sofa into a room. In this room, we used a lot of wood and dark colors to temper the green. The result is somewhat formal and traditional.  green sofa room1

We then received a sweet tufted barrel chair in a light blue. The chair was about the same vintage as the sofa, same size, and just as colorful. We added a neutral, casual rug to make the space more playful and youthful. The lighter colors soften the room. We also added some vintage accessories to accentuate the 50’s theme. green sofa room3


After the blue chair and Jetson’s coffee table sold, we added two black rattan chairs to the room. We kept the same casual look and 50’s vibe. Here, the dark of the chairs and pillows balance the green.

Each room has a different size and style coffee table, different color chairs, and different accessories, resulting in a different look.

Do you have a favorite?

green sofa room4