Sofa Swap #2

Think you are stuck with the look of that sofa? You’re not! Adding a different color palette can completely change the look of a piece of furniture – and your sofa:blue chest

We have a sofa made from a red and off-white ticking fabric. It’s a surprisingly neutral color that can be accented in many different ways. So first, we paired the sofa with a distressed blue chest for a comfortable cottage look and used different blues throughout the room to pull it together.

Next, we updated the look of the sofa by adding lots of pillows and huge pops of coral. The red and off-white ticking isn’t far from a coral color, so the pillows worked beautifully to make the sofa fun and modern. The driftwood table is an accent that emphasizes the non-traditional ticking & driftwood

In the final version, we added slipcovered Pottery Barn chairs to the room. The fabric on these chairs is a muted green, brown, purple, and blue. Because the colors were muted, they worked perfectly with the muted colors of the sofa. The pillows on the sofa don’t compete with the other colors in the room – shades of taupe would also be nice. room-red ticking pottery barn4

One sofa – three color palettes. How fun is that?