Set Up Your Room, Step by Step…

Wondering where to start when you redecorate your room? Once a week we set up completely new “rooms” at the store. We work with what we have, mix and match, and make plenty of mistakes in the process. But overall, we start with the big and end with the small. Blog-room setup table1

Each of our rooms (like yours) starts with the largest piece – sofa in a living room or a dining table in the dining room. Based on this, we determine a “style” for the room…will it be casual, retro, elegant, traditional, European-influenced, exotic? Imagine the room being used a certain way, by certain people. This provides a focus and keeps everything cohesive. (We made this dining room for an eclectic, world traveler, living in a historic home.)

The rug is the next big piece. Orientals are more traditional and geometrics and neutrals are more contemporary – our rug choice really determines how the room will look. After that, the fun begins…and the toil! It is trial and error. We move in (and out) chairs and tables of the right size and color family to coordinate. Blog- room setup2

Is there an empty space in the room? If so, fill it with a small cabinet, pedestal, plant, stool or other small piece.

Don’t overlook the small things. Those small items that pull it all together- pillows, art, accessories-are important. Kind of like the glue between all the big pieces. So don’t give up before you finish adding these, but end before it gets cluttered. Stick to the feel and style of the room to keep everything cohesive. Unless of course you want eclectic…but that’s a whole other blog! Blog-room setup3 table

Good luck and have fun.