Tips for Decorating with Old & New Furniture

Mixing furniture lends such personality to a room. If you love the look of an eclectic room, but are a little unsure about how to make it work, I’ve collected some tips and photos to help.Attack of 50ft woman

Generally, color is the best way to make items work together. The rooms in these top photos have 2-4 colors in each room. As long as you stick with consistent colors, you can mix several different styles, eras and patterns. (The photo below has 3 fabrics and a vibrant rug pattern!) Mix in any color wood you like – dark, medium, painted.  blog room3

Also use a similar shape and scale of furniture. In the photo below, the sofa and coffee table are both long, low and rectangular. Despite the fact that they were made about 50 years apart, they look great. The art and pillows are also angular, like the sofa and coffee table.

back room 2.24

You can also  match items that have a similar “look.” For example, the room below contains furniture with streamlined, modern lines. Contemporary items and mid century modern furniture always look fabulous together. room-modern white sofa

The last photo is from a customer who has started to furnish a part-time home in St. Louis. She has an elegant style and uses clean bold colors and similar sized furniture. Her new grey sofa pairs with our gold one; our blue leather chairs go with her modern cube and media center. Well done, Susan!! Love your style.Susan Pearlman's room