Making a Good Room Look Great


How do you make a room go from good to great? It’s not as hard as you may think. You’ve probably had this experience…your room looks “nice” and then you put some flowers on the table; or you buy new throw pillows and suddenly you love your room. It often just takes that one special item to transform your space.

It can be something relatively simple – like a coffee table. In the photos below, the driftwood coffee table adds more spark than the traditional table does. room-red ticking pottery barn4room- ticking w pottery barn3


The same is true for the next photo. The trunk adds more personality than the expected coffee table. room-sage sofa:trunkroom-sage sofa:trad coffee



Wall art or a floor covering is another easy way to add more pizzazz. The cowhide rug and the red barn door pull together each of the rooms below. Each is something colorful, unexpected, and a little daring. Imagine the room without these items and it loses its w: barn doorblog - room w: cowhide

The last example is one of our favorite accessories- the jaguar. It’s almost as if you can hear him say “this ain’t your ordinary room, folks!”

Have some fun and add just one unique and special item and you’ll get a style and personality that will make your room look great!

blog-room jaguar