Makin’ the Most of it

Everyone loves a bargain. One of the best way to get a good value from furniture (other than buying quality!) is buying furniture that has multiple uses.

One of the most popular item we sell are trunks. Trunks are wonderfully versatile – use as a coffee table, storage, side table, or bench. They usually have a great patina and add an interesting visual touch to an interior. room-sage sofa:trunk

A bench is another useful multi purpose piece. Use it in the foyer, living room, bedroom, hallway, or at the kitchen table. Put it against the wall and add pillows to make it a more substantial seating. Use it like a coffee table. Move it around your house depending on needs.chinese trunk-guys

The chest or dresser is another favorite. What was once made just for the bedroom can now be used in the living room, dining room, foyer or even the bathroom. Use the long dresser or buffet as a media cabinet in the living room. Use one to hold towels in the bathroom. Don’t like the look? Change the handles or paint it.  room-blue dressser & modernMCM bureau

And then there is the armoire -the behemoth of a cabinet that everyone had to hold their behemoth TVs that now no one wants. Can yours be used as a dresser in the bedroom? Perhaps it can hold pots and pans in the kitchen. Take off the back and make a bookcase. Or my favorite solution of all…make it a drinks station/bar and have a party! Baker cabinet:bar