“Help! What should I do?”

room-chest w antique mirror“Should”? No one likes a should. Not in a career, a relationship or even…home decor. So thank goodness there really aren’t any shoulds. Well, at least not in home decor.

Let’s start with the basics…you don’t have to use your dining room for dining, you don’t have to buy a sofa for your living room, you don’t have to own a coffee table, you don’t even have to have any paintings on the walls. Here are a few more – dining chairs don’t have to match the table, end tables don’t have to be the same, we don’t have to love the trendy color, a dresser doesn’t have to be in the bedroom, and so on.¬†Really the only thing you must have is some form of lighting.

But how do we avoid ugly chaotic interiors? It may be easier than you think if you keep these very simple non-rules in mind:

1. Love it! If you love it, it will make you happy, your interior will be a reflection of you, and it will be place you want to live.

2. Does it do what it is supposed to do? (Hold books, light the room, prop your feet, etc.)

3. Finally, each piece is a part of the whole Рitems that are cohesive, connected, related work best together. Do the colors, sizes, styles somehow fit together? If you are not sure, ask someone whose opinion you trust. room-ticking sofa:blue chest

That’s it. Oh wait, there is one more thing. Your home MUST make you happy. Really, that should be the only rule that matters.