Furniture Shopping: How to ask for help

room-brown velvet final viewShopping for home decor can be exhausting sometimes. It’s easy to get frustrated if you can’t find the right item or aren’t exactly sure what you want.  Some of us end up hoping the “right” item will pop out of the shadows and tap us on the shoulder. How to avoid this and make your shopping more fun? There are two things I recommend: Visuals and Conversation.

Visuals: Before you shop, gather visual aids – photos of your room, photos of items that you like, paint swatches, fabric swatches – basically anything that will help you tell the story of what you need. Words (“traditional,” “maple,” “greens,” “eclectic”) are subjective and aren’t as helpful as visual examples. You’ll need these for step 2…dining table-slate 2

Conversation: Have conversations with store employees about what you need and show your visual aids. The visuals will help you get quality feedback. The employee may have ideas or advice that you did not consider; know of new merchandise coming in that would work; or tell you that the chest you want is extremely hard to find or that the color may be too dark. If the advice is honest, it shouldn’t feel like pressure or a sales tactic.cedar chest- vintage lane mid century

Most important, If the store isn’t interested in helping you, go somewhere else! Your time is valuable. Visit stores that partner with you and want to help. It will make your experience so much more pleasant. chair-shield back tan