Consign, Resale or Refind?

New customers often ask whether The Refind Room is a consignment store. It’s not. It’s resale store – but I don’t really like that description. I would like to tell customers “it’s a previously owned furniture boutique”…but I never have. It seems pretentious. Plus it’s a mouthful.

If I was to ever actually say that […]

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An Exceptional Find

Finding beautiful furniture is a passion, and last weekend, we hit the jackpot. I couldn’t help but admire this sofa – clean lines, down cushion, and excellent condition. I was certain our customers would find it as lovely as I did. Little did I know…

As I loaded it into the truck, I […]

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Re-Purposing Celebrates Earth Day

This year, Earth Day will be celebrated by 1 billion people worldwide and St. Louis will celebrate on Sunday, April 21st in Forest Park. Although we’re used to recycling and buying more locally sourced foods, we are not yet as familiar with the adverse environmental impact of buying new furniture.

For example, assuming […]

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An Eclectic Style

Many people say that they decorate in an eclectic style. Of course I love that. Until I overheard someone describing “eclectic” as using “Goodwill cast-offs.” Yowza. Goodwill cast-offs!?!

Ever since that little eavesdropping episode, I’ve noted that there is good eclectic and, well…not so good. An eclectic style (the good kind) is using a combination of […]

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The Art of Home

I love to look at photos of well decorated rooms. For years I’ve subscribed to all the magazines – just couldn’t wait to get the latest issue. These days, Houzz and Pinterest are favorites – all photos, with none of the blab about the lucky people who live there. I’m certain a lot […]

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