The “Life-Changing Magic” of getting rid of stuff

“Stuff.” The things, items, personal treasures, finds, gadgets, acccessories that make our lives a little more fun. Until they don’t. Until they become overwhelming, distracting, unnecessary. What then? I recently re-read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” If you’re not in the mood to make drastic […]

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How to Buy Good Furniture

Let’s assume you’ve found a piece of furniture that you like. How do you know if it’s a good value?

It’s all about quality. We all know that low quality furniture falls apart after a few years, especially if you move. It scratches, dents, tears, and stains easier and doesn’t maintain its shape. […]

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The Beauty of Green

There are a lot of great reasons to buy previously loved furniture and home decor – style, quality, price, to name a few. But you should also be proud that by buying previously owned, you are also helping our beautiful, gorgeous earth.

Overly dramatic? I think not. 

According to the EPA, furniture accounts […]

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How to Use Color in Your Home

It’s winter and dreary and gray. So…let’s talk COLOR! Color is one of the most important design elements in a home – it’s practically the first thing you notice. It also imparts a feeling – whether it be of warmth, sophistication, starkness or calm.

If you are wary of color and unsure whether you […]

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What is “vintage”?

The days of the quintessential “used” furniture store showcasing sagging floral couches, musty old family photos, and crystal lamps are firmly part of our past. If you haven’t visited a modern store packed with previously owned goodies, you’re missing out on a design bonanza.

For the most part, these stores (such as The Refind […]

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Set Up Your Room, Step by Step…

Wondering where to start when you redecorate your room? Once a week we set up completely new “rooms” at the store. We work with what we have, mix and match, and make plenty of mistakes in the process. But overall, we start with the big and end with the small. 

Each of our rooms […]

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Update Your Decor the Easy Way!

Looking for a fresh look? No need to start all over! You can update much of what you have.

Issue: You think your sofa/chairs look dated. 

Suggestion: Start with new pillows and throws with modern colors, like earth tones, grays, oranges, purples in geometric patterns. These will distract from the form of the sofa. Or […]

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The Reality of Furniture Pricing

Furniture pricing and the reality…I thought I’d share some insights with you.

Let’s start with the hugest, biggest, most important misconception…that the higher the price, the higher the quality. It’s simply not true. Be aware that a “good” brand reputation doesn’t mean good quality. This includes many designer brands.

So why the high price? […]

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Being Inspired by Color

Gorgeous colors make our world beautiful, from the deep greens and blue skies of nature to vibrant art. Think the Mediterranean, Florida, Mexico, even the northern Swedes- they all have distinct color palettes.

So why are we shy when it comes to our rooms? We fall into the trap of beige, tan, or the trendy […]

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Accessorize Your Home with Style

Most of our homes look much better with accessories that add personality and flair. The right accessories not only make a home feel warm – they turn ho-hum into amazing. Yet many people don’t accessorize because they 1) don’t know what to use or; 2) don’t know how to put it together.

1) Use […]

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