Being Inspired by Color

wpid-download-15Gorgeous colors make our world beautiful, from the deep greens and blue skies of nature to vibrant art. Think the Mediterranean, Florida, Mexico, even the northern Swedes- they all have distinct color palettes.

So why are we shy when it comes to our rooms? We fall into the trap of beige, tan, or the trendy colors that someone else tells us are fashionable. Or we think that dark colors shrink a room or that the patterned sofa needs a tan wall.

Throw it all out, my friends! Every single prejudice against lively, lovely, un-trendy, “my-mother-won’t-approve” colors! ThriftStudio-Small_054

If you are unsure, start small – a pillow or accessory. Graduate to a wall of color you love. If it doesn’t turn out right, don’t give up. Wait a month or so and re-paint. The joy you get from a splash of color that you love is worth the hassle. purple blog color

For inspiration click on our Colors That ROCK Pinterest board, for living life to the fullest rooms that sing, rock, & roll with color. Enjoy!

room-front with fushia & black

 Photos: Top to bottom: Design indulgences; thrift studio;; The Refind Room