Accessorize Your Home with Style

Blog accessories-sake & vaseMost of our homes look much better with accessories that add personality and flair. The right accessories not only make a home feel warm – they turn ho-hum into amazing. Yet many people don’t accessorize because they 1) don’t know what to use or; 2) don’t know how to put it together.

1) Use anything! Use your hand-me-downs or items from nature. They cost nothing. Use items you  already have in your attic, basement and yard: twine balls, shells, vintage purse, glassware, branches. Dust ’em off! They add character and are a sure conversations starter. Blog accessories-distressed

2) How to place them in your home. Group several items together on a tabletop. Group them by color. Chose a color that coordinates with the rest of your room. Also group by style, e.g., groupings of natural elements, pottery, found objects.Blog accessories-green pottery

Next, make sure the grouping has items of varying heights. Two to six items in a grouping should be sufficient, depending on the size of your tabletop. Bigger tables need more items and vice versa.

Finally, choose items that are fun or meaningful for you. Make it unexpected and unique. If you do that, you really can’t go wrong. Have fun and let loose your creative self! Blog accessories-crock on pie safe